Our wide range of forged aluminium and steel wheels are wholly manufactured in Europe using the highest quality prime materials. This process control and our experience enables us to offer the following advantages;


Full CAD and FEA design facilities and bespoke manufacturing available, enable Wheels International to provide custom solutions to suit your vehicle.


Using the highest quality prime materials, Wheels International can provide high strength. low weight aluminium wheels to suit different configurations and vehicle types.

Easy to fit

Bolt together wheels combined with modular RunFlats or Beadlocks offer an easy fitting method, requiring no specialist tools to fit and allowing tyre changes to occur in theatre.

RunFlat & CTIS Compatible

All wheels can be designed to accommodate RunFlat systems and CTIS (Central Tyre Inflation Systems) providing the optimal combination for all components making up the complete wheel.

Short Leadtime

Being manufactured in Europe unlike other military wheels (including the alloy forgings), the leadtime is shorter than previous market standards.