Wheels International offer a wide range of forged aluminium and steel bolt together wheels for wholly manufactured in Europe for military vehicles.


Forged aluminium bolt together wheels offer a lightweight alternative to steel wheels and can allow up to 60% unsprung mass reduction, not only improving vehicle handling but also increasing vehicle payload.

Wheels International’s bolt together wheels can also be disassembled and reassembled in the field with standard fitting tools and when fitted with RunFlat International’s Eco-Static RunFlat will allow for a fully mountable/demountable RunFlat and Wheel solution.


Custom Military Wheels

Wheels International can provide custom turnkey solutions with in house CAD & FEA facilities offering a one stop shop for UK designed and manufactured forged aluminium and steel military wheels designed and manufactured in Europe.

Using the highest quality prime materials and process controls Wheels International can ensure complete traceability throughout the manufacturing process and provide excellent customer service and short lead-times.



Wheels International can integrate and design CTIS (Central Tyre Inflation System), allowing tyre pressure control in motion and improving vehicle mobility in difficult terrain.

All our wheels are designed to be fitted with RunFlat International’s FINABEL approved RunFlat Systems and can be supplied fitted with RunFlats and tyres enabling a turnkey solution for the customer.


Wheel Integration