Wheels International offer 3 configurations of wheels; Single Piece, Bolt Together and 3 Piece Wheels in both steel and aluminium to supply into the military and security market. Please find the definitions below:

Single Piece Wheel – the cast/forged disc and rim are one integral piece made from one single piece of metal

Bolt Together Wheel – the rim and centre are 2 separate pieces and are connected using bolts around the outer edge of the rim

3 Piece Wheel – the wheel is made from 3 separate parts; the centre, the rim and the locking ring. The rim is held on the centre by the locking ring, which fits into a groove and is held by the locking pin.

We have a wide range of off the shelf wheels in a variety of sizes and configurations as well as full CAD and FEA design facilities to design military and security wheels.

Wheels International work closely with vehicle builders and engineers to ensure a high quality solution is achieved and can be flexible in accommodating special requirements and leadtimes.

All our wheels are available in steel or aluminium, click on the links above for more detail on our wheel types. If you are unsure which wheel type you require please contact us and we will be able to assist you.